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Narcotics Task Force Team 10: A Collaborative Approach to Overdose Deaths in San Diego County

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The San Diego County, California, multi-agency Narcotics Task Force (NTF) Team 10 uses a collaborative approach to the investigation of overdose (OD) deaths in San Diego County, the majority of which involve fentanyl-related deaths.

During this webinar, NTF Team 10 members, including those from the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, and members from the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team and the Center for Community Research, will provide an overview of the task force, discuss the state of the problem, share promising practices of the multi-agency joint effort, and provide practical guidance for evidence collection, investigation, and prosecution of OD deaths.

Hosted by the Bureau of Justice Assistance CenTF Program and designed for law enforcement, the webinar will include topics on the history, concept, collaboration, and political structures involved in establishing and operating NTF Team 10 and the demographics of the community served. Also included will be an overview of San Diego County crime and drug OD issues, as well as a discussion of the fentanyl problem and educational points and universal precautions regarding exposure, response protocols, mandatory testing, and evidence gathering. Additionally, presenters will discuss follow-up investigative and enforcement processes, including collaboration with local prosecutors.

Date Created: March 4, 2022