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Offender Reentry Programs: Housing Options for Successful Reentry

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Co-presented by Mr. Tony Fish, Director of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation's Reintegration Program and Mr. James Bender, the Senior Case Manager for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation's Reintegration Program, this webinar will examine the scope of reentry housing options spanning from the early days of the program to today. The conversation will focus on successes, lessons learned, unique partnerships with housing vendors, and the motivation for constructing culturally appropriate housing units.

Learning objectives for this webinar include:

  1. Examining how housing is the foundation and starting point for successful reentry.
  2. Discussing various ways to create lifelong partnerships with housing vendors and discovering unique ways to engage them in the mission of successful reentry.
  3. Understanding how culturally appropriate transitional housing helps impact the outcomes for success.

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Date Created: September 24, 2020