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Officer Safety & Wellness Symposium

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Event Dates
Online and Atlanta, Georgia

Improving officer safety and wellness enhances the health and effectiveness of officers, as well as the safety of the community.

This symposium is for law enforcement professionals to learn from experts in the field about resources and best practices when developing comprehensive officer safety and wellness strategies. Participants will learn about building resilience, financial wellness, injury prevention, peer support programs, physical fitness, proper nutrition, sleep deprivation, stress, mindfulness, suicide prevention, and more.

Bureau of Justice Assistance personnel will be presenting during several sessions, including the following:

  • March 15:
    • Strengthening an Agency's Safety Culture: Peer-to-Peer Accountability and the P.A.L.S. Model
    • A Pathway to Financial Fitness for Law Enforcement
    • You Don't Know What You Don't Know: The Importance of Peer Support for Law Enforcement Leaders in the Wake of Incidents of Mass Violence
  • March 16:
    • Alternative Responses for Managing Alcohol and Prescription Drug Misuse Among Police
    • Functional Fitness: Stress Reduction and Optimized Performance
    • Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention: Moving from Awareness to Action
    • Using Courageous Vulnerability to Influence Police Culture on Mental Health
  • March 17:
    • Integrating Resilience into Established Wellness Programs
    • Introducing the IACP's New Health & Wellness Assessment Tool and Action Planning Roadmap: Your GPS for Success
    • Safer Together: Strengthening the Foundations of Officer Safety and Wellness

View the educational program to learn about these and the other sessions that will be offered during the symposium.

Date Created: February 17, 2022