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The OVC Vicarious Trauma Toolkit: Becoming a Vicarious Trauma-Informed Organization Webinar Series: Getting Started-Getting Buy-In

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Do you see signs that victim service work is negatively impacting your staff and volunteers? Are you ready to lead your agency in addressing this work-related trauma exposure and becoming a vicarious trauma-informed organization? Please join this upcoming three-part webinar series on the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit (VTT) to learn how!

This series will equip you and your team with an evidence-informed assessment of your agency's unique strengths and gaps, introduce you to concrete tools available in the VTT, and guide you in developing a customized agency strategy to respond to the work-related trauma exposure of staff and volunteers. The intended audience is managers, supervisors, and agency leadership who are ready to jump in and proactively address this issue.

Date Created: December 6, 2019