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Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution Programs in Jails

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This webinar covers the fundamentals of overdose education and naloxone distribution (OEND) programs and the experience of implementing these programs in a correctional setting to support incarcerated individuals who use drugs to prevent overdose-related fatalities upon their release.

Implementing OEND programs in jails and prisons is a crucial next step in providing substance use education and life-saving training to individuals in this otherwise inaccessible and high-risk population.

Due to the nature of drug use in the U.S., two of the biggest obstacles in providing overdose education and naloxone to people who use drugs are 1) locating them and engaging in a non-threatening way, and 2) provide training and naloxone when they are available and are willing to take part. The correctional setting provides a unique setting to overcome both of these obstacles.

During this webinar, participants can learn more about the essential elements of developing, implementing, and evaluating effective OEND programs as well as lessons learned from an overdose education program in a Wilmington, North Carolina jail.

Date Created: September 29, 2020