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Public Health Approach to Evaluating School Safety Initiatives

Self-paced training offered through the National Center for School Safety
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In this self-paced training, Dr. Justin Heinze provides an introduction to evaluation in the field of public health. This training focuses on the following aspects of evaluation:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Process/Formative Evaluation
  • Impact/Summative Evaluation
  • Evaluation Planning

This introductory training helps you start thinking about evaluation as you implement school safety programming, ensuring that you set the proper foundation for your researcher.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the key components of effective program evaluation.
  • Describe the benefits of program evaluation.
  • Distinguish between process/formative evaluation and impact/summative evaluation.
  • Identify the elements of an evaluation plan.
  • Describe the connection between an evaluation plan and the original proposal.

This training is offered through the Bureau of Justice Assistance-supported National Center for School Safety.

Date Created: December 15, 2022