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Public Safety and Public Health Partnerships to Address Stimulants

Event Dates

The goal of this virtual meeting is to bring together law enforcement leaders, researchers and public health experts, and community stakeholders to highlight effective partnerships and promising practices for addressing stimulants. The meeting host also hopes to identify salient needs and critical gaps in knowledge or practice to improve response.

The meeting will consist of four panels that will each include five short presentations, covering the following topic areas:

  • The Scope and Science of an Epidemic
  • Police-Led Initiatives
  • Policy Efforts
  • Community Relations

Panelist remarks will be followed by both moderated Q&A sessions and open time for more specific questions or ideas.

As a result of this meeting, a detailed report will be produced highlighting findings from the discussions to assist practitioners and researchers in preventing and reducing problems related to stimulants.

Date Created: February 11, 2021