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Strategic Planning for Violent Crime Reduction: The Role of Crime Analysis

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Research consistently demonstrates that highly focused strategies aimed at factors driving violent crime are most effective in preventing and reducing levels of violent crime.

This webinar will focus on the role of crime analysis in planning strategies that make sense for addressing violent crime in particular Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) target areas. The webinar will begin with an overview of strategic planning building on problem solving approaches to addressing violent crime. The overview focuses on identifying risk factors (e.g., people, groups, and places) for violent crime that can inform highly focused enforcement, intervention, and prevention strategies. The webinar will then focus on the role of crime analysis in this problem-solving model with examples of the types of analyses that can inform PSN strategies.

Topics covered during this webinar will include:

  • Strategic planning, problem solving, and evidence-based strategies for addressing violent crime
  • The concentration of violent crime
  • Role of crime analysis in law enforcement
  • Data sources for crime analysis
  • Using crime analysis to identify risk factors for violent crime
  • Analysis to address both long-term and short-term problem areas (strategic and tactical analysis)
  • Crime mapping and spatial analysis
  • Challenges in implementing and conducting analysis and generating analytical products
  • Recommendations and strategies moving forward

Date Created: November 9, 2022