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Supporting Continuity of Care throughout Justice Involvement: Initiating and Maintaining Treatment upon Entry into Jail

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Booking into a jail can present an opportunity to offer treatment to individuals with substance use disorders (SUDs). However, identifying and initiating treatment in an environment where individuals may be reluctant to disclose substance use or may secure release quickly can pose challenges to providing treatment and providing continuity of care in the community.

This webinar, part of the Supporting Continuity of Care Throughout Justice Involvement series, will present strategies for quickly identifying and linking individuals to treatment upon booking into a jail. Processes for maintaining individuals already receiving treatment will also be shared.

Following the webinar, a discussion group with the presenting subject matter experts will allow attendees to ask questions and obtain guidance related to their own programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the importance of quick access to treatment in jail settings as a mechanism to prevent overdose, overdose deaths, and untreated SUDs.
  • List three jail intake and booking strategies increase the identification and participation of individuals with SUDs in treatment.
  • Discuss ways to incorporate strategies in local jail programs and processes.

Date Created: September 1, 2021