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Updates On New Methamphetamines and Cocaine Health Risks—Improved Screening and Action To Save Lives

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Much higher purity, longer-term use, and growing contamination of methamphetamine and cocaine with synthetic opioids, primarily fentanyl, resulted in record-high overdose deaths in the United States during the last year. Screening and treatment protocols are available to help corrections services, emergency department staff, first responders, and related personnel address this life-threatening situation.

During this webinar, featured presenters will discuss emerging evidence-informed practices based on clinical experience, current field data, and new research. Participants will explore new approaches, including improved medical screening protocols, for early identification, intervention, and both medical and behavioral treatment among meth users.

The webinar is designed to:

  • Inform frontline emergency department personnel, first responders, corrections administrators, jail medical staff, and community supervision staff about acute toxicity and death from methamphetamine and cocaine.
  • Discuss medical and community interventions for addressing acute and chronic stimulant toxicity.
  • Identify challenges unique to corrections and their partners and discuss pathways to success.

Date Created: December 27, 2021