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BJA FY 15 Smart Prosecution Initiative

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BJA's Smart Prosecution Initiative is designed to promote effective data-driven, research-based approaches to prosecution and prosecutor-led justice systems innovations and reforms. The Smart Prosecution model builds off of the lessons learned from BJA's Smart Suite of crime fighting programs. Smart Prosecution will seek to pair an operational, results focused researcher with a prosecutor's office to develop data-driven solutions which create effective, efficient, and just prosecution strategies which will ultimately improve public safety. It will provide other valuable resources to equip a prosecutor's office to access data across various criminal justice and non-criminal justice information systems to improve results for communities. BJA will use the lessons learned to develop a rich body of evidence for use by prosecutors nationally as they seek to work with communities to solve chronic problems and fight violent crime.


Number of Awards: 4
Total Amount Awarded: $1,683,111

Date Created: January 28, 2015