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National Initiatives: Reaching Criminal Justice Policymakers

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The purpose of this solicitation (program) is to provide the nation's criminal justice policy-makers with objective, fact-based information, resources, and training and technical assistance (TTA), on timely and pressing criminal justice issues of potential concern to them. The intent is to support pathways for evidence-based best practices to reach policy-makers in various roles. This solicitation focuses on providers in two Category Areas that include the following: Category 1: Deliver TTA and strategic planning services to policy-makers at the State level, including Criminal Justice Advisors to Governors and to State Administering Agencies; and Category 2: Provide TTA to local policy-maker groups such as Mayors, County Executives, and their Advisors and Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $374,945

Date Created: March 3, 2016