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National Gun Crime Intelligence Center Initiative

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The National Crime Gun Intelligence Center Initiative is a limited competition grant program that will provide funding to local government entities that are experiencing precipitous increases in gun crime to implement a comprehensive and holistic model to reduce gun crime and illegal firearms within their jurisdiction. Successful applicants will implement a Crime Gun Intelligence Center (GCIC), an interagency collaboration focused on the immediate collection, management, and analysis of crime gun evidence, such as shell casings, in real time in an effort to identify shooters, and disrupt criminal activity and prevent future violence. The primary outcome of these centers is identifying armed violent offenders for investigation and prosecution. Other outcomes include, the identification of crime gun sources, efficient resource allocation, providing decision makers with the most accurate crime data available, and increasing case closure rates, public safety and gun crime prevention.


Number of Awards: 5
Total Amount Awarded: $4,854,956

Date Created: March 15, 2016