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BJA FY 18 Justice Information Sharing Training and Technical Assistance Program

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The Justice Information Sharing (JIS) Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) solicitation has 2 categories listed; (1) Criminal Intelligence Online Training and Technical Assistance (28 CFR Part 23), and (2) RISS Technology Service Center (RTSC) and Administration Support. The Criminal Intelligence Systems Operating Polices 28 CFR Part 23 TTA Program provides an online training to help state and local law enforcement professionals understand the guidelines that govern the development and implementation of policies and systems that facilitate criminal intelligence sharing and in FY16 over 6,900 users took this online training. The program also provide technical assistance to agencies wanting to ensure their policy and procedures protect the privacies and civil liberties as identified in 28 CFR Part 23. The RISS Technology Service Center (RTSC) staff supports technical programs and projects that span the RISS enterprise and support the six RISS Centers nationwide. This includes the infrastructure and security of the RISS Secure Cloud (RISSNET) and database applications development. The tasks will be to continue to operate, maintain, and upgrade RISSNET, support RISS member connectivity and access to RISSNET, maintain and enhance the RISSNET Portal and RISSNET infrastructure, continue to operate and further enhance RISS applications, participate in national information sharing projects and working groups, work with other federal agencies and share technology, and ensure applicable databases adhere to 28 CFR Part 23 Guidelines. In addition, a portion of this funding will be used to provide administrative support for the RISS National Policy Group (RNPG) and the overall RISS Program to schedule meetings, develop progress reports, and provide vital statistics about the program and its successes.


Number of Awards: 2
Total Amount Awarded: $4,767,183

Date Created: April 26, 2018