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BJA FY 19 National Officer Safety Initiatives Program

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Law enforcement officer safety is a Department of Justice priority. In support of the President's February 9, 2017, officer safety-focused Executive Order, this BJA National Officer Safety Initiatives Program is soliciting innovative approaches to augment law enforcement safety in a variety of key areas based on existing needs and emerging trends and concerns. BJA recognizes that our nation's law enforcement faces a myriad of challenges, threats, and situations every day. They put physical and emotional tolls on officers, requiring constant awareness of the possible risks of (as well as exposure to) volatile, physically dangerous, and sometimes tragic and emotional situations. If left unaddressed, injuries and fatalities due to these situations and stressors will continue. Law enforcement officers need to be as prepared as possible with the skills, knowledge, and tools to help them not only better address the emotional and mental aspects of police work but also the strategic and tactical aspects of the profession in order to be safer, healthier, and serve their communities and agencies to the best of their abilities.


Number of Awards: 4
Total Amount Awarded: $4,250,000

Date Created: May 30, 2019