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FY 2020 Innovative Prosecution Solutions Training and Technical Assistance Program

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The purpose of this solicitation is to select one provider to deliver, nationwide, a wide range of training and technical assistance (TTA) services to agencies participating in the Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) site-based grant program.

The IPS site-based program is dedicated to state and local prosecutor office modernization and caseload reduction and it is also focused on new solutions to public safety concerns, including the use of technology, intelligence, and data analytics to improve the operations of prosecutors' offices in an effort to more efficiently and effectively aid communities in achieving a reduction in crime.

Services provided to the IPS grantee sites by the IPS TTA provider should include, but are not limited to, training and educational sessions by relevant subject matter experts and onsite or remote guidance on problem analysis, solution development, data analysis, prosecution theory, evaluation methodology, and other services relevant to the purpose of IPS. IPS agencies will leverage these TTA services to implement solutions to pressing crime problems and prosecutorial organizational challenges to enhance the quality of their projects.

Date Created: April 1, 2020