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FY 2020 Second Chance Act Community-based Reentry Program

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The Second Chance Act of 2007 (Pub. L. 110-199), reauthorized by the First Step Act of 2018, provides a comprehensive response to assist in the transition individuals make from prison, jail, or juvenile residential facilities to the community so that the transition is more successful and promotes public safety.

BJA is seeking applications to implement or expand on reentry programs that demonstrate strong partnerships with corrections, parole, probation, and other reentry service providers. These partnerships should develop comprehensive case management plans that directly address criminogenic risk and needs, as determined by validated criminogenic risk assessments, and include delivery or facilitation of services.

Grants made under this program may be used for:

  1. Mentoring adult offenders during incarceration, through transition back to the community, and post-release;
  2. Transitional services to assist in the reintegration of offenders into the community, including-
    • Educational, literacy, and vocational, services and the transitional jobs strategy;
    • Substance use disorder treatment and services;
    • Coordinated supervision and services for offenders, including physical health care and comprehensive housing and mental health care;
    • Family services; and
    • Validated assessment tools to assess the risk factors of returning inmates; and
  3. Training regarding offender and victims’ issues.


Number of Awards: 21
Total Amount Awarded: $14,549,434


Funding First Awarded
Date Created: March 4, 2020