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FY 2020 Upholding the Rule of Law and Preventing Wrongful Convictions Program

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The Upholding the Rule of Law and Preventing Wrongful Convictions (ROL/WCR) Program is committed to protecting the integrity of the criminal justice system and the consistent application of due process for all. The ROL/WCR Program supports efforts by wrongful conviction review entities that represent individuals with post-conviction claims of innocence to review individual cases.

The objectives of the ROL/WCR Program are to:

  • Strategically review cases of post-conviction and appeals claims of innocence with a focus on those at greatest risk for error.
  • Establish or enhance partnerships, where appropriate, to apply a strategic review of individual post-conviction claims of innocence and appeals, and where relevant to use this information to inform efforts to prevent wrongful convictions.
  • Identify and apprehend, whenever possible, the actual perpetrator of a crime.
  • Evaluate whether or not any systemic issues exist that may compromise the rule of law and recommend practices for mitigating them and preventing wrongful convictions.

The expected deliverables are to:

  • Identify and report the number of post-conviction and appeals claims of innocence cases reviewed and the stage of review conducted for each case.
  • Document a systematic review of areas of risk for wrongful conviction, and recommend any strategies to mitigate these risks.


Number of Awards: 12
Total Amount Awarded: $3,555,751

Date Modified: March 19, 2020

Added a link to the March 10, 2020, solicitation webinar recording.

Date Created: February 11, 2020