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Helping People Released from Prison and Jails Find Housing: A State by State Resource Guide

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Date Published
May 2021

This manual is an information resource on emergency housing options and contacts for each state, which is intended to assist in locating safe and secure housing for those being released from incarceration who do not have secure housing immediately available.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, correctional facilities are using early release of incarcerated persons into communities to reduce crowded correctional facilities that put inmates and staff at risk of becoming infected. The current report on emergency housing resources and contacts for each state is based on the most current information available; however, because conditions are rapidly changing, the user of this report should verify that the services listed are still available. Contacts and information on COVID-19-specific state and local contacts listed include emergency and non-congregate housing options, such as short-term hotel room leasing, converted dormitories or public buildings, and trailer units. In cases where there is little or no information on COVID-19-specific housing resources, contacts for coalitions to end homelessness, local or state housing, homelessness continuums of care, and other reliable contacts for housing resources are included. State resources follow immediately after listings of federal and national resources. When available, website addresses of resources are provided.  

Date Published: May 18, 2021