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Sharing Your Treatment Court Story: A Guide to Help You Prepare

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Date Published
April 2018
8 pages
After suggesting the benefits of a treatment court graduate sharing her/his court experience at a court graduation ceremony, community event, or with the news media, this guide helps the participant in preparing and telling the story.
Telling other people of beneficial experiences in one's life in the midst of adverse circumstances can not only help one better understand a significant change in her/his life; it can inspire hope in others who have had similar adverse experiences and provide guidance for them in seeking help. Assisting an audience to understand how a treatment court has brought change to a graduate's life can bring greater public appreciation of the benefits of such courts and their value as an alternative to more traditional and often harmful court procedures. This guide offers some suggestions as to the kinds of community groups that might be receptive to and benefit from the story of a treatment court graduate. This is followed by guidance on a preparatory structuring of the graduate's thoughts and feelings about the benefits of her/his treatment court experience. The five suggested elements for the presentation are an introduction that gets the audience's attention, how one came to the treatment court, what happened in the course of following the court's protocol, life goals in continuing recovery after graduating from the court, and a presentation ending that capsules the court's benefits.

Date Published: April 1, 2018