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Tracking PDMP Enhancement: The Best Practice Checklist

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Date Published
March 2017
22 pages
This report documents the development of the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) best practice checklist, which is a tool for tracking the adoption of practices over time by PDMPs, both individually and collectively; and it presents findings on the adoption of practices from the first comprehensive assessment of PDMPs to include most of the checklist items.
The report advises that the term "best practice checklist" should not be viewed as a completed tool that has captured all the PDMP features of an effective program. The checklist should be viewed as an evolving tool that can be improved through ongoing evaluations of PDMPs as they experiment with new ways to achieve their goals. The checklist can be used as a self-assessment tool by individual PDMPs to assist in identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement and needs for technical assistance. . The checklist works to facilitate and document PDMP improvement. After discussing the origins and purpose of the checklist, its use and further development are explained. The main body of this report presents tables on the percentage of 2016 TTAC assessment respondents who reported having implemented each checklist practice as of September 30, 2016. One appendix of this report contains the current PDMP best practices checklist. This is the most recent draft of the checklist (dated January 15, 2016) that takes into account feedback from States during two webinars on PDMP best practices. Most of the items in the current version of the checklist were included in the 2016 assessment of PDMDs by the PDMP Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC). The checklist is oriented toward feedback on each practice in the checklist. 8 tables

Date Published: March 1, 2017