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Violent Crime Reduction Operations Guide

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2018
52 pages
This Guide outlines actions and activities that have been effective across various communities in countering violent crime by combining best practices and research-based strategies that assist law enforcement executives in assessing and guiding their communities in ways that reduce violent crime.
The guide first identifies and explains the "critical elements" in any strategy to counter violent crime. The most essential and overarching element is "leadership." An individual or a team must provide leadership in implementing the other critical elements in combating violent crimes. These elements are community engagement, partnerships, accountability, technology, resources and sustainability, analytics and intelligence, and training and tactics. The sections of this Guide discuss the steps in developing a strategy for countering violent crime. The first step is to identify the prevalence, nature, and geographic distribution of a community's violent crime. The Guide then discusses strategies for developing each of the aforementioned critical elements of a community-wide strategy. The Guide's appendix lists resources that can assist police executives in building a community's capacity to prevent and counter violent crime. Case studies are provided as examples of how resources to combat violent crime have been implemented throughout the nation.

Date Published: October 1, 2018