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2020 Tribal Probation Academy

The BJA-supported Tribal Probation Academy is comprised of three one-week sessions, taking place March 30-April 3; May 4-8, and June 1-5, 2020, in Appleton, Wisconsin. Participants must attend all three sessions.

Upon completion of this academy, attendees will be able to:

  • Employ effective communication techniques with probationers to improve safety and reduce incarceration
  • Identify substance abuse, commonly used drugs, and the effects of drugs on behavior
  • Apply practical knowledge when supervising high risk offender populations such as probationers with mental illness, domestic violence offenses, sex offenses, or alcohol and substance abuse
  • Execute proper officer safety techniques and defensive tactics
  • Demonstrate effective report writing techniques
  • Apply motivational interviewing practices to promote behavior change

The following would benefit from this training:

  • Community corrections officer
  • Court system personnel
  • Tribes/Tribal partners

Learn more about this training and how to register to attend.

Date Published: February 25, 2020