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Announcing the Launch of the Jails and Justice Support Center

Director Karhlton F. Moore speaking at the Jails and Justice Support Center launch
BJA Director Moore speaking at the JJSC launch (View larger image.)

Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Director Karhlton F. Moore was joined by other Department of Justice officials, sheriffs, jail leaders, association partners, and advocates from across the country to launch the new Jails and Justice Support Center (JJSC).

The JJSC assists jails in creating safe, humane, and effective environments for incarcerated individuals, staff, and visitors. The mission of the JJSC is to coordinate and facilitate direct delivery of innovative and industry leading services and support focusing on justice and correctional policy, operational practices, and professional development for America's jails.

"The Jails and Justice Support Center, developed in close collaboration with stakeholders who operate jails, plays a pivotal role in the Bureau of Justice Assistance's commitment to delivering direct and impactful assistance to the criminal justice field. Sheriffs, jail administrators, county leaders, and other stakeholders nationwide will reap the benefits of information, resources, and technical assistance designed to address the specific needs and challenges faced by jails today." — BJA Director Moore

The JJRC website features a toolkit, a library of resources, a means to request technical assistance, and more.

Visit the JJSC Website

Date Published: November 16, 2023