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Applications Open for the 2024 National Public Safety Partnership Cohort

The Bureau of Justice Assistance is seeking interested jurisdictions for the 2024 National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) cohort group.

Eligible interested applicants are law enforcement agencies serving mid-to-large-sized jurisdictions (populations of 50,000–500,000-plus) who are experiencing precipitous increases in violent crime and interested in building capacity to identify and implement violent crime strategies and improve community engagement.

PSP is a three-year commitment from the Department of Justice to deliver no-cost customized site-specific training and technical assistance. PSP is not a grant program, and participating law enforcement agencies do not receive direct funding through this initiative. Agencies benefit from interacting with PSP network participants, learning from leading practitioners and academics, and accessing the many violence reduction tools and resources available to the sites.

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Date Published: March 25, 2024