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Attorney General Barr Joins President Trump in Announcing $41 Million in Emergency Funding to Address the Public Safety Crisis in Wisconsin

During a September 1, 2020, visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, Attorney General William P. Barr joined President Trump as he announced $41 million in grant awards to the state of Wisconsin and local jurisdictions within the state.

The grants from the Office of Justice Programs and Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, will support proven violence reduction efforts like Project Safe Neighborhoods, which enables federal, state and local agencies to coordinate enforcement activities in collaboration with community organizations. Grants will also help to hire police officers and prosecutors while allowing them to focus resources on the extraordinary public safety challenges their communities are facing. Funds will also support local organizations that provide services and support to victims affected by the recent violence and unrest.

Learn more in the Department of Justice press release.

Date Published: September 2, 2020