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BJA is Seeking Candidates for Grants Management Specialist Positions

BJA is currently seeking potential candidates for two Grants Management Specialist positions within the Law Enforcement Division of the Policy Office. The hires will serve as Policy Advisors in forensics, substance abuse, and/or related areas.

Some of the responsibilities associated with the positions are to:

  • serve as technical expert in the administration of a variety of justice strategies and programs and related grants and/or contracts
  • monitor overall performance of grantees
  • provide advice and guidance to resolve, implement, or manage program issues
  • make recommendations to justice program planning and implementation
  • inform the development and management of grants and/or cooperative agreements
  • research and prepare written materials

Learn more about the specific duties associated with these positions, and, if interested, apply by August 17, 2020.

Date Published: August 7, 2020