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Crisis Response and Intervention Training for Police Officers

With the support of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Academic Training Initiative to Inform Police Responses developed the Crisis Response and Intervention Training (CRIT), a 40-hour training curriculum designed to prepare police officers in their response to people experiencing crises related to behavioral health conditions and intellectual and developmental disabilities. CRIT is an off-the-shelf training curriculum that can be customized to local needs and is available online.

CRIT is based on the original Crisis Intervention Team Training and is designed to complement the development and delivery of local crisis response programs planned by law enforcement agencies and behavioral health/disability service providers in the community.

The 40-hour training program includes 18 modules of varying lengths and learning styles. These modules focus on topical areas such as behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disabilities, community engagement and resources, systems and legal considerations, and de-escalation skills.

Learn more about the Academic Training Initiative to Inform Police Responses and visit the CRIT Toolkit webpage for additional information about the new training.

Date Published: December 27, 2022