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Funding Available: Small, Rural, and Tribal Body-Worn Camera Program

Funding through the Small, Rural, and Tribal Body-Worn Camera Program (SRT BWC) is now available. The SRT BWC micro-grant program is funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and operated by Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. The purpose of this initiative is to provide funds and technical support to small, rural, and tribal agencies to implement BWCs. 

This program provides funds for BWCs to:

  • Any law enforcement department with 50 or fewer full-time sworn personnel.
  • Rural agencies (those agencies with non-urban or non-metro counties).
  • Federally-recognized tribal agencies.

Funds must be used to purchase or lease BWCs and may include expenses reasonably related to a comprehensive BWC program. Funding can be used to support pilot BWC programs, establish new BWC implementation, or expand existing programs.

Applications are due on March 4, 2024.


Date Published: February 5, 2024