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August 2023
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By Karhlton F. Moore, Director, Bureau of Justice Assistance

Welcome to the first issue of the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA's) monthly newsletter, Justice Matters. It’s great that you want to learn more about the work BJA does to reduce violent crime, create safer communities, and reform our nation’s criminal justice system.

Your time is precious. Here’s why it’s worth investing a few minutes in Justice Matters.

Our agency’s work to improve community safety is vast and far-reaching. Last year, BJA invested $2.7 billion through 59 grant programs that touch communities in every part of the United States.

Those numbers, while impressive, aren’t what really matters. What’s important is whether BJA can make a difference in cities and towns like yours.

In Justice Matters, we’ll share stories of local programs funded by BJA that are achieving real-world results. In this issue, we’re spotlighting programs in Aurora, Colorado, and Nogales, Arizona, that help prevent school violence. For all of us at BJA, this is an urgent priority.

These efforts are supported by BJA’s Students, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence grant program. Over the past five years, BJA awarded over $160 million in more than 300 local programs in 45 states. And along with funding, we’ve provided these programs with expert training and technical assistance to support them in their efforts.

BJA will bring you more of these informative and inspiring stories in each issue of Justice Matters. If you’re a BJA grantee, submit your success story.

Read the August 2023 issue of Justice Matters.

Date Published: August 28, 2023