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Deputy Herman Garcia

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado

On August 8, 2010, Deputy Herman Garcia was on patrol in uniform and in a marked patrol car working an “extra duty” assignment in a rural subdivision of Douglas County Colorado.  At 1:59 a.m. an emergency call for service was aired of an incident involving a handgun that had just occurred at an establishment known as the Stagecoach Bar in nearby Franktown, Colorado. Deputy Garcia realized he was the closest patrol unit and had the greatest opportunity to locate the suspect.  Information was aired letting Deputy Garcia know that the suspect was last seen Northbound on State Highway 83.  Deputy Garcia responded to the area where he anticipated he might intercept the suspect and in fact located the suspect.  He positioned himself behind the suspect and aired his location and situation to other responding patrol units.

Upon noticing the marked patrol car of Deputy Garcia behind him, the suspect pulled off to the side of road in rural Douglas County.  Deputy Garcia realized he must take immediate action when he saw the suspect exit his car.  In an effort to safely control the unfolding situation, Deputy Garcia quickly exited his patrol car and ordered the suspect to get back into his vehicle.

Deputy Garcia was met with a hail of gunfire from the suspect.  One of the shots struck Deputy Garcia in his right upper arm.  A second round struck the air horn of the patrol car causing a continuous loud air horn blast adding great confusion and chaos to the life and death struggle.  Deputy Garcia returned fire as he attempted to move to the safety of cover behind his patrol car.

Both the suspect and Deputy Garcia paused to reload.  Deputy Garcia was able to reengage the suspect with shots to the abdomen and neck, which knocked the suspect to the ground and put an end to assault.  Despite being injured, Deputy Garcia was able to provide updated information over his radio in a controlled manner in an effort to assure responding units he was ok.  He also wasted no time in requesting medical attention for the suspect.

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A smiling man in a police officer uniform
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