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Detective Jason Woodruff

Owasso Police Department, Oklahoma

On July 21, 2010, Detective Jason Woodruff left the Owasso Police Department having ended his tour of duty for the day.  He stopped at a convenience store where he observed an adult male running from the store to a neighboring business.  He also observed multiple bystanders and store employees huddled at the east end of the business.

The bystanders and employees alerted detective Woodruff to a robbery in progress.  Detective Woodruff, without further regard for his own safety, approached the convenience store to assess the robbery.  He determined the best course of action was to confront the gunman inside the store to prevent the possibility of an outdoor shoot-out amongst the bystanders and passing motorists.

Detective Woodruff drew his weapon and entered the business while the gunman's attention was away from the door.  He announced his authority and confronted the ski-masked gunman. The gunman pointed his assault rifle and Detective Woodruff fired at the gunman.  He pursued the gunman inside the store and incapacitated him. At this point, the store clerk and two customers were able to flee the store.

Detective Woodruff maintained protective cover of the gunman and used his cell phone to contact the Emergency Communications Center.  During the incident, he maintained calm and communicated with the dispatcher in order to expedite medical assistance for the wounded gunman.

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