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Officer David Tiller

St. Augustine Beach Police Department, Florida

On April 28, 2011, St. Augustine Beach Police Officer David Tiller and an ATF Special Agent were working undercover and traveled to an unknown area in Putnam County, Florida to purchase cocaine and weapons from two suspects with whom they had previously purchased drugs. After a short verbal exchange, Officer Tiller asked one of the suspects if he had the drugs. The suspect turned his back to the officers and in doing this, the suspected seated an extended magazine into weapon.

When the suspect turned around and faced Officer Tiller, the suspect pulled an M-11 machine pistol from his pants and pointed the weapon at Officer Tiller's head, charging the weapon and making the weapon ready to fire.

Officer Tiller and the Special Agent began to create distance and attempt to locate a tactical cover position. While doing this, Officer Tiller drew his concealed firearm and an exchange of gunfire ensued. Although Officer Tiller was shot in the leg, fracturing his femur and causing him to fall to the ground, he returned fire and assessed the threats.

Two of Officer Tiller's rounds hit one of the suspects, incapacitating him, and causing him to fall to the ground mortally wounded. A third round struck a second suspect who was also armed with a semi-automatic pistol and had fired at Officer Tiller and the Special Agent. The third round wounded and incapacitated the second suspect.

A third suspect who was armed with a shotgun had also fired at both Officer Tiller and the Special Agent. The ATF Special Agent returned fire at the third suspect, who was able to escape injury, drop his weapon, and flee into the woods. The third suspect later turned himself in.

By the time surveillance officer arrived, the confrontation was over. Officer Tiller would later recover from his wounds. Both of the surviving suspects will stand trial for attempted murder and felony murder.

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