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Trooper Mark Domino

Iowa Department of Public Safety, Iowa

On October 30, 2012, two suspects robbed the Maynard Savings Bank in Maynard, Iowa. The suspects were armed with .30 caliber assault rifles, two pistols, and a significant amount of ammunition.  After the robbery, they fled in a vehicle and were soon identified by the Westgate Fire Chief, who began to follow them from a distance while reporting their location.  Once the suspects realized that they were being followed, they stopped in the roadway and opened fire on the Fire Chief, striking his vehicle several times and forcing him to leave the area.

As the suspects continued to flee the area through multiple jurisdictions, additional law enforcement agencies joined in pursuit. Surveillance was also maintained on the suspects’ vehicle by an Iowa State Patrol aircraft. During the course of the action, the suspects continually fired at the pursuing law enforcement officers.

Ultimately, Trooper Mark Domino took up a solo pursuit of the suspects’ vehicle, at which time a high-speed running gun battle ensued.  By this point, a total of five emergency vehicles had been struck by the suspects’ gunfire with some being disabled.  Sumner Police Chief Dennis Cain was seriously wounded during the earlier pursuit action. In total, five rounds struck Trooper Domino’s vehicle, with one striking him in his upper right bicep.

Despite injuries, Trooper Domino continued to keep the dispatcher apprised of the suspects’ actions, advising that he had been wounded but would continue his pursuit. As they approached a small bridge, Trooper Domino closed the distance to the suspects’ vehicle, reduced speed, opened his driver’s door, and returned fire while continuing to steer with his wounded right arm.

A short distance later, the suspects’ vehicle crashed into a ditch, and the suspects fled on foot into a heavily wooded area.  Eventually, several officers from 15 local, county, state, and federal agencies converged on the area forming a secure perimeter, and the suspects were ultimately taken into custody without further incident or injury.

There were many heroes during this incident who conducted themselves with great valor; however, Trooper Domino’s heroic determination and extreme courage while under fire went well above and beyond the call of duty.  His gallant efforts were instrumental in setting up the events that led to the eventual arrest of both suspects.


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