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Deputy Nathan Hutchinson

Weber County Sheriff’s Office, Utah

On January 4, 2012, the multi-jurisdictional Weber Morgan Narcotic Strike Force executed a knock-and-announce search warrant in Ogden, Utah.  The officers knocked on the door of the home and loudly announced that they were police and had a search warrant.  After no one answered the door, they entered the home and began searching it. Shortly thereafter, the homeowner who was in a concealed position fired on strike force team searching the upstairs portion of the home.  He also fired on team members who were retreating from the home towards the yard and street.

Sergeant Nathan Hutchinson responded to the main floor of the home where the shooting was occurring.  Three strike force members had been shot and were suffering serious life-threatening wounds; two were unconscious and laying on the floor in pools of blood.  Sergeant Hutchinson physically dragged Officer Kasey Burrell out of the home to safety and while doing so, he was fired upon and wounded.

Sergeant Hutchinson then returned to the home to rescue Agent Jared Francom. He was again fired upon and hit repeatedly as he physically dragged Agent Francom out of the home to a safe location. In total, Sergeant Hutchinson was shot four times while removing these fallen officers from the home.

Sadly, Agent Francom died as a result of the wounds he received inside the home. Officer Burrell was seriously injured with head and torso wounds but has since recovered from his wounds. The suspect was ultimately captured and taken into custody.

Sergeant Hutchinson saved Officer Burrell’s life through his heroic actions on that night. In performing these rescues, he suffered permanent damage from the wounds he received, and he continues to experience complications that limit the full use of his arm and shoulder. Sergeant Hutchinson displayed courage, honor, and bravery in the most dangerous of circumstances.

Press Release:

A group of people applauding at the Badge of Bravery awards ceremony
Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch, and Sheriff Terry Thompson, at right, present Lt. Nathan Hutchinson, in white, with the State and Local Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery Award. (Photo credit: Francisco Kjolseth, The Salt Lake Tribune)