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Deputy U.S. Marshal Louis Deacon, IV

United States Marshals Service

On November 20, 2013, a U.S. Marshal Service task force executed two federal arrest warrants at a residence in Sebring, Florida, that resulted in two of the Task Force Officers being shot. During the course of executing the warrants, the Task Force Officers were forced to use a ram breaching device on the front door of the residence. While doing so, Deputy U.S. Marshal Paul Pearson, who was responsible for using the breaching device, was shot by the suspects located within the residence. Despite being shot in the left posterior shoulder and superficial trapezoid, Deputy Pearson was able to self-rescue and ambulate himself out of the way of the other officers and toward the ambulance.

Another members of the entry team, Deputy U.S. Marshal Louis Andrew Deacon, IV, was responsible for holding a ballistic shield to protect his fellow team members. While out front of the rest of the team attempting to enter the residence, Deputy U.S. Marshal Deacon was shot in his right hand. Though seriously injured, Deputy U.S. Marshal Deacon continued to protect his team and slowly back away from the point of entry, allowing the other law enforcement officers to return gunfire and gain control of the situation. Throughout the engagement, he never lost control of the ballistic shield or of his duty weapon.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Deacon only sought treatment for his injuries after the additional law enforcement agents were able to gain control of the scene.


Badge of Bravery Ceremony

On Friday April 8, 2016, Deputy US Marshal Louis “Andy” Deacon was presented with the congressional Badge of Bravery by Congressman Patrick Murphy of Florida. The medal was awarded to DUSM Deacon for his exceptional bravery while serving a federal arrest warrant.

While attempting to serve a warrant as part of an OCEDTF case, DUSM Deacon and his team encountered gun fire through the door of the residence. The breacher, TFO Paul Pearson of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office was struck in his shoulder by the first round. He immediately evacuated the area. DUSM Deacon was holding the ballistic shield with a full team behind him as additional gunshots from the residence were fired.

While holding the shield and tactfully retreating to a more advantageous position, DUSM Deacon was struck in is hand and arm by a bullet. He attempted to return fire, but was unable. He remained on the shield carefully backing the stack away and ensuring the safety of the remainder of the team. When he attempted to holster his weapon, he was unable, yet he did not look to see the extent of his injury for fear of distracting from the safety of the team.

Only once a position of cover was obtained, did DUSM Deacon notify anyone that he had been hit. Despite the severity of his injury, he told his team, that he did not say anything sooner because he did not want to jeopardize their safety. DUSM Deacon was immediately treated on scene by a DEA Medic for the bleeding. He was rushed by an ambulance staged for the operation to the nearest hospital.

Once at the hospital, the original intent of the doctors was to amputate the remaining parts of the fingers that were struck and to attempt to save some of the hand, thus ending his career as a Deputy. Through the intervention of USMS management and along with the wishes of DUSM Deacon, arrangements were made to find specialized medical care that could save his hand and career.

DUSM Deacon was out for nearly 18 months. During that time, he underwent 10 painful surgeries, each followed by extensive and agonizing physical therapy. He returned to full duty last summer. He has also been able to resume competitive shooting.

At the ceremony, DUSM Deacon thanked his wife Jennifer for the support and care she provided. On a happy note, Andy and Jennifer announced to the crowd that they are expecting their first child.

An officer being presented with a Badge of Bravery award
A man giving a speech at the Badge of Bravery awards ceremony
A man giving a speech at the Badge of Bravery awards ceremony
A group of three people standing together. The man in the middle is holding a Badge of Bravery award.
An officer being presented with a Badge of Bravery award