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Investigator Scott Angulo

Tallahassee Police Department, FL

On November 22, 2014, the City of Tallahassee Consolidated Dispatch Agency received a call in reference to a residential house fire. Leon County Deputies Christopher Smith and Deputy Collin Wulfekuhl were the responding units, and Deputy Smith was the first to arrive, observing flames coming from the house. Without warning, he was immediately gunned down, killed before he had a chance to defend himself. Members of the Tallahassee Fire Department and Deputy Wulfekuhl (who was just arriving on the scene) were then fired upon by the unseen assailant. As the firefighters retreated to cover, Deputy Wulfekuhl sought cover and exchanged gunfire with the assailant.

At this time, Investigator Scott Angulo was at home getting ready for work, when his son told him he saw police cars. Investigator Angulo then heard several gunshots. He immediately rushed his family into a protected area of his house, donned his ballistic vest, and retrieved his rifle as he ran toward the gunfire.

Nearby, Investigator Angulo found Deputy Wulfekuhl suffering from gunshot wounds and obviously stunned. The assailant was still firing rounds, and was moving forward. Investigator Angulo directed Deputy Wulfekuhl to come to him, and together they sought cover. A volley of gunfire took place at which point Investigator Angulo’s rifle jammed. He was quickly able to clear his round and reload, as he watched for the assailant who was trying to flank their position.

At this time, Officer Mark Lewis was responding to the report of shots fired. When he arrived on the scene, he saw the house fire, a fire truck with no one standing around, and Deputy Smith lying on the ground. His immediate instinct was to approach Deputy Smith. Investigator Angulo, seeing Officer Lewis’ arrival, attempted to warn him over the radio that he was driving into the line of fire. Officer Lewis did not hear the warning and continued on. The assailant then emerged from behind two cars and began shooting at Officer Lewis.

Investigator Angulo, seeing that the suspect was going after Officer Lewis, made his way toward the suspect, exchanged gun fire and fatally wounded the suspect, ending the deadly attack.

Media Release:

A group of four people standing together in a row at the Badge of Bravery awards ceremony
TPD Officer Angulo Awarded Congressional Badge of Bravery (Photo credit: www.wctv.tv)