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Fallen Deputy U.S. Marshal Chase White, United States Marshals Service, Arizona

2018 Federal Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery Recipient

On November 29, 2018, members of the United States Marshals Service Arizona Wanted Violent Offender Task Force sought to locate and arrest a fugitive wanted for stalking local law enforcement officers. The fugitive was accused of stalking local law enforcement officers, going to the home of a police officer’s parents, and going to the police station threatening to arrest an officer.

The task force located the fugitive in his residence in Tucson, Arizona, approached and surrounded the residence, and ordered the fugitive to come out and surrender to law enforcement. The fugitive refused to comply with the orders and fired multiple gunshots through a window at the task force members, striking DUSM Chase White under his arm.

Multiple task force members rushed to action and quickly evacuated DUSM White to Banner-University Medical Center where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries. The fugitive remained barricaded inside the residence, but eventually surrendered and was taken into custody.

The actions of the task force members, most notably DUSM Chase White, demonstrated extraordinary bravery. DUSM White approached the residence under fire, displayed the willingness to act, and ultimately sacrificed his life in the performance of his duties.

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