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Chief Ronald Miller and Corporal John Lingo III, Masontown Borough Police Department & German Township Police Department, Pennsylvania

2018 State and Local Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery Recipients

On September 19, 2018, a middle-aged male entered the Masontown Borough Complex and opened fire in a local magistrate’s office. The subject continued firing multiple shots at persons within the facility.

Inside the magistrate’s office waiting room, there were approximately 40 people and/or supportive family members waiting for their hearings as their cases were called, one by one. In addition, there were staff members of the judge, lawyers, constables, members from the communities, and numerous officers from the German Township and Masontown Borough Police Departments waiting for their hearings.

As the active shooter made his way through the main entrance, he was engaged by Masontown Borough Police Sergeant Ronald Miller (later promoted to chief). Sergeant Miller immediately drew his weapon to engage the suspect and protect those in the facility. As he engaged the suspect, Sergeant Miller was shot in the hand and incapacitated. Nevertheless, his actions slowed down the shooter’s advance, giving enough time for German Township Police Corporal John Lingo to engage the shooter, hitting him multiple times to end the event.

Over the few minutes’ duration of the event, there were no fatalities, except for the active shooter. There were, however, four persons injured, including Sergeant Miller. After taking down the shooter, Corporal Lingo and many of the other officers present provided first aid to those who were injured as they waited for the arrival of emergency medical services.

The swift and courageous actions of both Sergeant Miller and Corporal Lingo quickly ended the violent actions of this assailant. Their selfless actions in the face of imminent danger prevented the injury and death of numerous citizens and personnel in the facility.

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