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Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Callen Stephens, Deputy U.S. Marshals Jermaine Vaughn and Travis Sutterfield , and Postal Inspector Brian Hess, United States Marshals Service, Oklahoma and U.S. Postal Inspector Service, Oklahoma

2018 Federal Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery Recipients

On May 17, 2018, members of the United States Marshals Service Metro Fugitive Task Force, including Deputy U.S. Marshals (DUSMs) Callen Stephens, Jermaine Vaughn, and Travis Sutterfield, and Postal Inspector Brian Hess located a fugitive wanted for dealing in counterfeit currency. He was driving his car in Noble, Oklahoma. The Task Force members conducted a rolling surveillance and then elected to conduct a felony traffic stop. The fugitive attempted to flee, traveling at high speed going south in the northbound lane. After several minutes, the fugitive parked his vehicle at an angle in the road, exited while holding an AR-15 style rifle, and immediately began firing at the task force members.

Multiple task force vehicles were struck with gunfire, including one round through the driver’s headrest of DUSM Travis Sutterfield's vehicle. DUSM Sutterfield was later treated for glass shrapnel to the face, a shoulder injury, and two knee injuries. Nevertheless, he was able to exit his vehicle and return fire while avoiding being struck further by the oncoming gunfire.

Risking imminent threat of death or serious injury, the task force members engaged the fugitive in an exchange of multiple rounds of gunfire. They continued firing at the fugitive until they successfully wounded and incapacitated him. DUSM Jermaine Vaughn immediately began to provide on-scene medical care to the fugitive while Supervisory DUSM Callen Stephens provided on-scene supervision and support.

Upon the subsequent search of the fugitive and his vehicle, a Glock 9mm with two 30-round magazines and an improvised explosive device were located. An ambulance transported the fugitive from the scene to the Norman Regional Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

Each task force member displayed an exceptional level of valor while facing multiple rounds of direct gunfire that day. Their courageous actions brought to a swift conclusion the wanted fugitive’s violent actions and prevented the threat of serious injury to other members of the community who were at potential risk by this armed felon.

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