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Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program to Support Law Enforcement Agencies


Law enforcement agencies across the United States and throughout the world are using body-worn cameras (BWCs) as a promising tool to improve evidentiary outcomes, and enhance the safety of, and improve interactions between, officers and the public. BWCs also are proving to be an important tool to assist broader law enforcement, problem-solving, and community engagement strategies within jurisdictions.

BWCs can be highly effective resources, providing an unalterable audio and visual record of interactions that capture empirical evidence in the event of a crime, police-citizen interaction, or use-of-force incident.

BJA's Body-Worn Camera Team developed the Body-Worn Camera Toolkit to serve as a comprehensive clearinghouse for criminal justice practitioners interested in planning and implementing a body-worn camera program in an effort to improve officer and community safety.

Date Modified: August 27, 2020
Date Created: June 26, 2015