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Body-Worn Camera Partnership Program

FY24 Funding Available


The Bureau of Justice Assistance's (BJA) Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Partnership Program is for law enforcement agencies, including tribal law enforcement, seeking to pilot, establish, or enhance body-worn camera policy and implementation practices.

As part of the program, BJA’s Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program (BWCPIP) addresses how to develop and implement these policies and practices for effective program adoption. This includes the purchase, deployment, and maintenance of camera systems and equipment; data storage and access; and privacy considerations.

BWCPIP funds are to be used to purchase or lease camera technology, and program stipulations require that the devices be deployed in a deliberate and planned manner. Before receiving the bulk of their funds, award recipients must first demonstrate a commitment and adherence to a strong BWC policy framework. BWCPIP also stresses requisite training, tracking the impact of BWCs, sound digital evidence management practices, and internal and external stakeholder input.

Correctional agencies are eligible to apply for BWCPIP funding, provided they are publicly funded and perform law enforcement functions.

BJA also provides competitive microgrants to small, rural, and tribal law enforcement agencies seeking to initiate or expand a BWC program. BJA provides all grantees with training and technical assistance which is also available to the field.


BJA's BWC Team developed the Body-Worn Camera Toolkit to serve as a comprehensive clearinghouse for criminal justice practitioners interested in planning and implementing a body-worn camera program in an effort to improve officer and community safety.


The BWC Team can be emailed at [email protected].

Date Modified: March 9, 2023
Date Created: June 26, 2015