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Community-based Reentry Program

A Second Chance Act Program


The Community-based Reentry Program is one of the Second Chance Act (SCA) programs supported through the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

This program supplies funding and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations and tribal governments to provide comprehensive reentry services to individuals who have been incarcerated. These services include both pre- and post-release programming and reentry support.

Supports and services provided through this program can include:

  • Gender-specific and trauma-informed programming and services.
  • Individual and/or group mentoring and peer supports.
  • Educational, literacy, and vocational services.
  • Substance use and mental health disorder treatment and recovery services.
  • Connections to physical health care.
  • Services to support family reunification and restoration.
  • Assistance in securing safe and affordable housing.
  • Civil legal assistance services.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Develop comprehensive case management plans that directly address criminogenic risks and needs and deliver or facilitate services in a manner consistent with participant learning styles and abilities.
  • Demonstrate increased collaboration between community-based organizations and corrections, community supervision, law enforcement, and other local reentry stakeholders.

Training and Technical Assistance

In support of SCA grantees around the country, the BJA-supported National Reentry Resource Center works collaboratively with SCA technical assistance providers. These agencies provide on- and off-site training and technical assistance (TTA) to the government agencies and nonprofit organizations that receive grants under the provisions of the SCA.

Additionally, BJA’s National Training and Technical Assistance Center provides no-cost TTA on a variety of criminal justice topics to improve the knowledge and skills of criminal justice professionals. Agencies interested in receiving TTA can submit a request through an online application.

Date Created: April 10, 2024