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Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Program

State and Local Allocations

FY 2020 CESF Allocations

A total of nearly $850 million has been allocated for the FY 2020 CESF program. See CESF Local and State Total Allocations for a breakdown of the state and local allocation totals by state/territory. To see a listing of just the state/territory allocations, see FY 2020 CESF Allocations – State. And, for details on the local allocations, select the state of interest from the below table:

Alabama Louisiana Ohio
Alaska Maine Oklahoma
Arizona Maryland Oregon
Arkansas Massachusetts Pennsylvania
California Michigan Rhode Island
Colorado Minnesota

South Carolina

Connecticut Mississippi South Dakota
Delaware Missouri Tennessee
Florida Montana Texas
Georgia Nebraska Utah
Hawaii Nevada Vermont
Idaho New Hampshire Virginia
Illinois New Jersey Washington
Indiana New Mexico West Virginia
Iowa New York Wisconsin
Kansas North Carolina Wyoming
Kentucky North Dakota  
Date Created: April 14, 2020