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Community Courts Program

Performance Reports

A Community Court Grows in Brooklyn: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Red Hook Community Justice Center (Full Report) By Cynthia G. Lee, Fred L. Cheesman II, David Rottman, Rachel Swaner, Suvi Hynynen Lambson, Michael Rempel, and Ric Curtis (2013)
With funding from the National Institute of Justice, the National Center for State Courts completed this independent evaluation of the Red Hook Community Justice Center in 2013. The evaluation found that the Justice Center's emphasis on alternatives to incarceration, including community restitution projects and social services, helped reduce the use of jail even as it helped reduce recidivism among misdemeanor offenders.

Does San Francisco's Community Justice Center Reduce Criminal Recidivism? By Beau Kilmer and Jesse Sussell (2014)
This report from the RAND Corporation examines whether San Francisco's Community Justice Center reduces the risk of rearrest when compared to more traditional approaches for addressing arrestees.

Expanding the Community Court Model: Testing Community Court Principles in the Bronx Centralized Courthouse By Shani Katz (2009)
This report examines the impact of Bronx Community Solutions on sentencing in its first year of operation.

Peacemaking Circles: Evaluating a Native American Restorative Justice Practice in a State Criminal Court Setting in Brooklyn By Suvi Hynynen Lambson (2015)
This study examines the work of the Red Hook Community Justice Center's Peacemaking Program, which uses traditional Native American practices to resolve disputes. Participants can avoid the justice system by participating in peacemaking sessions and reaching a consensus agreement for restitution and repair.

Perceptions of Safety, Community, and the Criminal Justice System in Red Hook, Brooklyn By Suvi Hynynen Lambson (2018)
This report provides the results of a 2016 community survey measuring perceptions of neighborhood quality of life, public safety, and satisfaction with local criminal justice agencies in the Red Hook neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn, home of the Red Hook Community Justice Center.

Date Created: December 9, 2019