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Forensics Training and Technical Assistance Program


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Awarded in fiscal year 2022, the Bureau of Justice Assistance's (BJA's) Forensics Training and Technical Assistance (FTTA) Program, led by RTI International in collaboration with a team of subject matter experts, offers expertise and assistance to grantees under the following BJA forensic science programs:

The FTTA Program assists BJA forensics program grantees with meeting strategic goals and objectives, implementing national recommendations into policy, enhancing capacity and outcomes, and fostering sustainability through the implementation of new technologies to enhance existing policies and practices. This assistance is accomplished by offering a variety of services, including the following:

  • Proactive engagement with grantees to monitor goal progress and evaluate agency needs
  • Training and educational sessions (e.g., webinars, working groups) developed by subject matter experts
  • On-site or remote guidance on forensic-related issues
  • Assistance in increasing site capacity
  • Efforts to translate lessons to the field

The FTTA Program aims to improve the quality of forensic science services performed by BJA forensic program grantees through innovative solutions that embody development, technology, information sharing, training, and best practices resource development. Through enhancing the services provided by BJA forensic program grantees, the FTTA program seeks to empower grantees to meet current challenges in forensic science and increase public safety across the nation.

Program Website

Visit the FTTA website to learn more about this program and the services available.

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If you have questions about the FTTA Program, please contact the FTTA team (RTI International) at [email protected].

Date Modified: February 21, 2024
Date Created: June 8, 2023