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Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group (GISWG)

Justice Information Sharing
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Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group (GISWG)

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The mission of the Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group (GISWG) is to develop a conceptual framework that supports national justice information sharing and to identify strategies and tactics that will implement that framework. This will assist government entities in their efforts to share justice, public safety, and first-responder information within the guiding principles of the Global Advisory Committee (GAC).

Successful data exchange is greatly facilitated by the development and adoption of standards that enable transparent integration of disparate systems. GISWG is implementing a coordination process to identify information sharing standards within the justice community. This effort includes publishing, cataloging, and sharing these standards to promote collaborative efforts and offer blueprints to those beginning the information exchange planning process.

One of the leading projects of the Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group is the Global Reference Architecture (GRA).  More information found in the National Initiatives section, including technical background and direction to implementation assistance.

Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group (GISWG) Contact Information:

Thomas M. Clarke, Chair
National Center for State Courts (NCSC)