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Disclaimer: The following clips represent a range of topics covered from a number of different perspectives. The content does not represent the views of the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice or any of the other sponsors of this website.

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Introduction to Arab American and Muslim American Cultures for DHS Personnel test

Type: Video
Duration: 60 minutes
Premiere Date: Fall 2006

Description: This video provides insights from four national and international experts, including a former Assistant United States Attorney who is a practicing Muslim; a member of the National Security Council who is a practicing Muslim; a scholar of Islamic studies; and a civil rights attorney who advocates for issues of concern to Arab American and Muslim American communities. The video will assist law enforcement officers and others who interact with Arab and Muslim Americans in carrying out their duties.

Available from: This free video was produced by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and is available on CD-ROM from the Civil Liberties Institute by writing to: [email protected].


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Top Secret Amercia

Type: Video
Duration: 53:39 minutes
Premiere Date: September 2011

Description:  This PBS "Frontline" documentary, based on The Washington Post series "Top Secret America," examines the massive, diffuse, top-secret world the government has created in response to 9/11.

A project nearly two years in the making, "Top Secret America" describes the rapid national security buildup in the United States after 9/11.

"The articles in this series and an online database at topsecretamerica.com depict the scope and complexity of the government's national security program through interactive maps and other graphics. Every data point on the Web site is substantiated by at least two public records."


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Are We Safer?

Type: Video
Duration: 21:25 minutes
Premiere Date: January 2011

Description: Reporter Dana Priest of The Washington Post investigates "the size and reach of the post-9/11 terrorism-industrial complex — and its growing reach into the lives of ordinary Americans."


Duke University Text

Duke University Symposium: Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering

Type: Video
Duration: 1 hour, 54 minutes
Premiere Date: April 2009

Description: A panel of experts, ranging from academia to the U.S. Senate, discusses the legal issues surrounding surveillance and intelligence gathering in the United States.  "Topics include the creation of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), its impact on national security and civil liberties, and what may change under the Obama Administration."


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Under Suspicion

Type: Podcast
Duration: 19:34 minutes
Premiere Date: September 2011

Description: "Since Sept. 11, the nation's leaders have warned that government can't protect the country on its own — private businesses and civilians have to do their part, too. Now NPR and the Center for Investigative Reporting have found that, at least in one community, these kinds of programs are entangling ordinary people with the police and FBI."