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Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab

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The Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab

Launched in April 2022, the Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab is an innovative endeavor designed to assist law enforcement agencies, communities, and researchers in promoting public safety through constitutional policing and stronger community relationships. The Knowledge Lab serves as a “one-stop-shop” for reliable guidance, modern policies, and best practices for fair and impartial policing.

The Knowledge Lab works to:

  • Identify core competencies of constitutional policing.
  • Assist law enforcement in assessing their practices, policies, training, and outcomes.
  • Identify gaps in resources, training, and services that the Department of Justice should consider developing for law enforcement.
  • Provide on-demand consultation, advice, and assistance to agencies, departments, and partner organizations to work together to protect the public and prevent crime.
  • Collaborate with thought leaders regarding constitutional policing.

Visit the main Knowledge Lab website to learn more, to access resources, and to request assistance. Also read the Department of Justice press release to learn about the launch.

Date Modified: June 6, 2022
Date Created: April 27, 2022