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Law Enforcement Officer Safety and Wellness

Supporting our law enforcement through first-class programs
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Building Community

Learn about resources available from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and BJA's VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Initiative partners on promoting public confidence in policing, honoring those who serve, and building community:


  • Supporting the Blue Public Awareness and Education Campaign: This program serves to educate the public about law enforcement, opening lines of communication between law enforcement and their communities, and promoting positive messaging about our nation’s law enforcement, including bringing to light the positive nature and aspects of the profession as well as its challenges.
  • Reducing Violent Crime Campaign: This campaign is bringing awareness of the ravages of violent crime, underscoring how law enforcement and community members can work together to reduce violent crime and make their communities safer for all.
  • Violent Crime Reduction (VCRIME) Program: My Voice. Our Community.: This program is a nationwide messaging, education, and community engagement program focusing on community violence reduction.

Surge Resources

  • America, Meet Your Neighborhood Officer: This customizable digital poster is designed to give law enforcement agencies a quick, convenient tool to create public service messages that spotlight officers in your agency and honor their service and commitment to community. This easy-to-use template lets you create digital posters that promote public confidence and support for law enforcement nationwide.
  • Faces of Law Enforcement Series: This series of posters and videos honors law enforcement officers for their duties under and outside of the uniform.
  • Mission First, People Always Series: This series of resources focuses on the VALOR core concept of Mission First, People Always and how this concept impacts law enforcement of all levels.

Visit the VALOR Initiative's program's websites for additional resources.

Additional Resources

Date Created: November 5, 2020